Introducing Isla de Luca: a fresh, mesmerizing, dark art-pop luminary whose voice cuts through the air like a blade. Born, bred, and now a commanding presence in the heart of NYC, Isla embarked on her creative journey following the conferral of her BFA from Parsons School of Design. Her enchantment with music ignited in her early years, crafting and performing her maiden melody at the tender age of 5. Yet, it was in the digital realm that she found her initial sanctuary, carving a niche for herself during her formative years as an indelible figure on Tumblr. Today, her dominion extends to the expansive realms of TikTok and Instagram, where her influence reverberates among the hundreds of thousands who are captivated by her magnetic pull.

A multi-faceted creator, Isla de Luca has cast her spell across various mediums. Her creations serve as vessels to reclaim feminine power, reshaping prevailing narratives surrounding eroticism, desire, and girlish growing pains. All the while, she empowers others to embrace their hottest, fiercest, boldest, nastiest, most enchantingly provocative selves. Bedecked in figure hugging avant-garde ensembles that seamlessly merge vampire allure with futuristic aesthetics, Isla radiates a unique aura. 

Among her initial triumphs was an imaginative reinterpretation of cult cinema. The project, a short film christened "She-Wolf," earned acclaim on the festival circuit with its daring portrayal of Golden Age movie monsters reborn as pageant contestants. Awards and accolades followed in its wake, underscoring Isla's creative prowess.

Her metamorphosis into the realm of music saw Isla de Luca craft a persona she calls a “hedonistic siren supervillain pop-star”. Drawing inspiration from Y2K Pop, Art Pop, Hyperpop, Dance, and Electronic music, as well as her cinematic and theatrical background, she forges a unique sonic perspective. Imbued with a fervent passion for fantasy and storytelling, her compositions weave wild tales of unrestrained revelry—imbibed with excess, temptation, allure, and fury.

In her own words, "This act of constructing a character really appeals to me—this persona I embody is an interplay of my essence and artifice, encapsulating fragments of my own journey mixed with these modern icons and archetypes, dealt with through a deck of cards I shuffle." As the year unfolds, she prepares to unfurl her inaugural singles, inviting all to join her on an exhilarating escapade. A modern femme fatale, Isla de Luca stands poised to steer you through a symphony of seduction, a conductor of an entrancing joyride unlike any other.